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I have a 1922 peace dollar with no mint mark do you know what the value of it is.Based on the images and the appearance of the piece itself, this appears to be a bronze replica (it might be another metal though).Buy and sell gold coins, gold bars, silver coins and bars, junk silver and bullion products.We buy and sell coins, Precious Metals, Watches, Fine Jewelry, Rare Coins andGold.

Again another reason I am so thankful that a few peoe like you make themselves available to those of us in the dark.NFC, nationally recognized and highly respected among rare coin collectors,.Do you have a discussion on this page with appraiser recommendations.Of course I am keeping up with forum as always,thank you bunches.Founded by Byrd Saylor, Jr. in 1959, LNE has been continuously.

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We buy toys, costume jewelry, military items, comic books, collectibles, barbie dolls, coins, watches and much more.Would you be so kind as to take a look and let me know if there is anything worth grading here.We are a full-service dealer buying and selling gold, silver, coins, currency, diamonds, watches and jewelry in the state of Arizona.Milwaukee, WI Coin Dealers. Mark, a Partner in a firm that works on salary NOT commission was kind enough to help me with an issue of a few small coins.

While my expertise is mainly in U.S. coins and I can tell you that both the Swiss (hole) and British (blunt shear damage) coins have post-mint damage.I sure hope you warned everyone of the wheatie you please upload photos of your coins to the comments forum here and I will try to identify and appraise each to the best of my ability, without seeing the coins in-hand.I am wondering about how much they would be worth and if I should try to sell them together or as separate sets.Your 1918 Lincoln wheat cent is worth at least 10 to 20 cents.

That being said I am gonna send a pjc of a 1973, not my fav wheaties but I got it back as grocery change and noticed something strange in the chest area.I havent looked at the memorial series much at a and I cant find a pic. my usual go to guide does not list as a dd.Just compared to others on hand.I love when somebody, such as yourself, discovers this hobby and begins looking for old, unusual, and rare coins.I am looking for an appraisal on a coin that I have had passed down to me.We are looking for Gold and Silver, Jewelry, Coins, Art, Painting, Bronze, American Whaling and Nautical, Colonial thru WWII Period Items, Antique Lighting: Oil and Early Electric, Military: Swords, Bayonets, Medals, Badges and Uniforms, Antique Clocks and Watches, Books, Post Cards, Manuscripts, Town Histories and Atlases, Collectibles, Stamps and more.I have several rare coins, that I would like to know there valve.

Many knowledgeable coin dealers can tell a fake coin from an authentic one pretty easily.Most experienced coin traders make a list of the coins they have for trade, to make finding coin trading partners easier.Hi, I have 2 identical sets of SS Republic Liberty Seated Half Dollar.Your best bet is to bring them to your local coin dealer and have him or her inspect them in person and offer a bid.You take your time to try to teach us with patience and kindness and co tinue to answer the same questions over and over like you are really intrigued and never heard it before.It looks like the copper plating was removed with a strong abrasive, then it was machined using centrifugal force to squash the diameter down.

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Based on what I can tell, it appears, I do see some surfaces differences between the two coins, especially concerning color, minor strike variances, and wear patterns.I have been agressively searching change jars of every family member and frie d I have ever met.

It was the only double lettered coin I have ever seen and I thought it had to be an error done at mint.Do yourself a favor and only use one of the major services, such as PCGS, NGC, or ANACS.

You make me want to learn more and not feel intimidated that I began this hobby at 40 yrs old not 8. - Easy Counter

I have a 1484 Tyrol half guldiner Sigismund, how much are they valued at and how to spot a fake from the real.The width sounds correct but if 20 grams is what the weight is then it sounds a bit heavier than normal.It would be key to get your piece authenticated before selling it, especially coins of potentially high value such as your 1776 Continental piece.It looks like what actually happened to this penny is that it was struck by another coin outside the mint.There are both Liberty Seated half dimes and dimes and there is no mistaking one for the other.I saw where there are different ones due to a foreman catching the error before all were circulated.

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And if not, could you point out what about the coin would identify it as a replica or such.I have 10- 1986 liberty silver dollars, who would buy them from me, they are in plastic holders, given to me by my uncle back in 86, never been touched.I have what i believe is a 11 cent peice but not sure it is about the size of a dime on wjat looks to be a dime on the side.Please feel free to check in here if you have any other coin-related questions.I have a sliver 1896 Victoria. Del.gra.britt. regina. Fid.def.ind.imp.The condition of the coin is also important in factoring in values.