$48 000 a year is how much an hour

How much do you make an hour, week, month, or year?

My boyfriend and i want to stop paying for our high rent and we can afford a house.

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In North Texas, You Need To Earn $17-$18 An Hour To Afford

If i make $30,000 a year, how much would that be per hour

Finally, having a retirement plan balance that is more than 4X what I earn really helps a lot.

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Add up all of the costs of the list items mentioned above and call them B.

Good numbers, but with some rejiggering the theoretical person could live well.Currently I rent a room in a house with five other people, so the biggest difference is that by owning a house, I would be able to decide whom I live with - not an option I have now, where I have no control over who moves in or out.For bonuses average your yearly bonuses for your work history with the company.See How Much You Make Every Day After Taxes. will automatically work out your take home pay calculator how much you have left each, week,month or year.

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Assuming an average six percent interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage,.Or what if they have an SUV that gets 15 mpg and a 45 mile commute each way.

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Use this calculator to determine your equivalent annual salary when given what you get paid per hour. year required minimum. hourly wage to an equivalent annual.I know a lot of people in their 50s and 60s who still work minimum wage jobs or just above that and it blows my mind.

This depends on how many hours you work in the year, obviously.Begin by writing down everything they are providing you that you would like to continue to have.

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Keep in mind that there are other considerations that could offset these calculations.

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Now you want to break your part time job into hours per year, not hours per month, as months have differing numbers of working days.Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

Note that you need to meet criteria defined by the IRS to successfully maintain independent contractor status from a tax POV.How One Family Lives Well (And Even Owns a. a 23-year-old mother of two and her.Whenever someone talk about their work or career I always find people getting paid 60K a year in the office for posting on the Vesti right after they.

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Take the total you make in a year and divide it. and real talk about money on Poorer Than You for 10.You also need to account for the FICA tax that you need to pay completely as a part time employee (normally a company pays half of it for you).I hope people are starting to do this but I am not holding my breath.

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We assume that you work 40 hours a week and that you work 52 weeks a year, and we did not deduct any taxes.

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Depending on definition, there are 1920 to 2080 work hours in a year.